10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

Bryce Werllington

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10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

A stylish, fully-functional kitchen is every homeowner's dream. But not all people have the time and financial capacity to have their kitchens renovated professionally. With these kinds of considerations, a kitchen owner can just resort to renovate their beloved spaces by themselves.

Here are several easy-to-do renovation tips that homeowners can do to create their perfect kitchen:

1. Old kitchen cabinets made of laminated material resembling dark wood can be restored to its former glory. It can be painted using oil-based primers. For best results, use mohair rollers when applying paint to cabinet doors. The results of the paint job will depend on several factors, such as the kind of paint used, the overall condition of the cabinet itself, and the how the paint was applied.

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2. Use plywood as a surface when applying tiles to redo an old factory formica countertop. It should be set thin and in screws, with backer strips showing over the edges.

3. Wood blade can be utilized to create sink cutouts in Corian. There are jigsaw blades made specifically for the material. It is necessary to don protective eye gear to keep extra chunks of material to get into the eyes during the cutout process.

4. Oil-based stain is not recommended for achieving a dark finish for wood countertops. The better alternative would be to find a wood material that is darker and richer than natural maple, such as lyptus countertops, which are reddish brown in color. White mineral oil purchased from the pharmacy instead of vegetable oil should be used to maintain an oil finish.

5. There are effective ways in adding storage space to small, urban spaces. One can select an area from the kitchen and transform it into a decorative nook for storage. Built-in bookshelves and can be used to keep cookbooks or display glassware collection. High kitchen wall cabinets can also be installed into spacious ceilings. Decorative and functional materials can be stored in it, and lighting can be added to illuminate and dramatize the area. Pullout cabinets can also be used to maximize storage space.

6. A butler's pantry can also be added to a simple kitchen. However, one must consider if a butler's pantry is really needed by the homeowner. Generally, a butler's pantry is suited for people who often entertain guests, who have large families, or to those who like to serve meals with numerous courses. The primary uses for a butler's pantry are to stack dishes, serving wine, and heating up meals. There are two main pantry designs, namely the walk-through and the U-shaped. The advantage of the walk-through is its accessibility, and can be closed off from guests when privacy is needed.

7. There are economical ways to add granite countertops to kitchens. One can simply install a laminate countertop on the kitchen's main work area, and then spend a bit heavily on a granite countertop located on the island. Also, one can use granite countertop acquired from slabs without tolerable defects or excess materials.

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8. There are lots of options in choosing and installing kitchen sinks. A one-bowl kitchen or a two-bowl design can be used for cleaning pans and pots. The choice would be dependent on the workload that the homeowner does in a kitchen. If using granite or solid surface counter tops, use an undermount kitchen sink. Stylish kitchen faucets can be added to create a dramatic look for the sinks. The common designs are the high-arched ones, the two-handled kitchen faucets, pot fillers and faucets with pull-out sprayers. A faucet with a subtle, warm-looking finish will serve as a great alternative for the traditional shiny brass types.

9. Soapstone is fast becoming a popular alternative for those who want an antique or rustic-style kitchen. It darkens naturally over time, and some has veins that enhances its richness and coloring. Soapstone is very durable, but may require high-maintenance. It does not acquire stain, and is heat-absorbent.

10. There are a lot of creative cabinet accessories that can be used to improve kitchen design. For keeping pots and pans, roll-out storages can be installed. For small appliances, one can have cabinet drawers that can be lowered or elevated. For added elegance, glass cabinet doors can always come in handy. There are several glass designs to choose from: Clear, etched, obscure and stained glasses.

Homeowners should never hesitate their explore their own creativity and ingenuity when it comes to renovating their own kitchens. One can always think of ways to achieve that dream kitchen, regardless of budget and time constraints.

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