7 Steps To The Perfect Kitchen Remodeling Project

7 Steps To The Perfect Kitchen Remodeling Project

Bryce Werllington

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7 Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Remodeling Project

The kitchen is the central and most important part of a house. A lot of precious moments of the family takes place in the kitchen. This is where mothers labored lovingly over every meal to be served to her husband and growing brood, and the place where relatives gather to help serve food for guests during special occasions. It is only natural that a decision to renovate the kitchen should be carefully considered in order to preserve the function and sanctity of this part of the house.

Preparedness is a vital key to ensure the success of remodeling the kitchen. Like any remodeling projects, financial capability and priorities should be assessed before making any final decisions or commitments.

Here are several remodeling tips for achieving that dream kitchen:

1. Ceilings
There are lots of options that can be considered to remove the dullness of a flat, ceiling area. Ceilings could be done with tiles, tin, or natural stone to present an exotic look and feel. One can also put a bayered section over selected areas of the kitchen to create a multi-level appearance.

2. Walls and Cabinets
Those who are thinking of renovating one's kitchen know that a considerable amount of money will go to the selection and application of kitchen cabinets. Cabinets can be the standard type, the semi-custom, or the customized type, which is the most expensive of the three. If there is not enough budget for purchasing new cabinets, existing cabinets can simply be refaced instead to save cash.

Here are some points to consider in choosing cabinets for the kitchen:

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-Cabinets should blend well with the color patterns of the kitchen. The cabinets can be used coordinately with floor and wall colors to set the look for the room.
-Cabinets should match with the style of the house.
-Choose the desired material for the cabinets, whether it's steel or wood. The most popular wood materials for cabinets are Maple, Oak and Cherry.

Cabinets can be done in framed or frameless design. The advantage of frameless cabinets is that it offers a lot of compact storage solution, and it is conveniently accessible. One can also consider installing kitchen closet organizers if there is much concern regarding storage space.

Having the walls done in stone or tile can add to the beauty of the kitchen. The procedure is not too difficult, and can counter the monotony of a workplace.

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3. Flooring
Tiles are usually used when kitchen floorings are created, but one must consider that tile floorings require a lotof maintenance. The choice of flooring material is extremely important because it sets the tone and look of the entire kitchen.

The texture of the floor affects the perception towards the room. For kitchen floors, the most elegant materials would be tiles or stones, and hardwood or laminated textures. Nowadays, there are increasing demands for hardwood and laminated floors, because of its classic and warm look. Kitchen owners can choose between parquet, plank, or strip hardwood flooring. They can choose between engineered or solid wood.

4. Windows
It is important to maximize the wall space available after the cabinets and sinks are already installed. This can be done by putting garden windows over the kitchen sink, or a bay window that stretches out through a main wall. Ventilation should be strictly considered.

5. Lighting
These are the areas in the kitchen that needs auxiliary task lighting.
-Breakfast areas and island counters
-Kitchen cabinets

6. Countertops
The right color and texture for countertops should be chosen to compliment the floor, cabinetry, and paint selection. It is also significant to choose materials that is not high maintenance, and can stand rigorous use over time.

7. Kitchen sink
It is the sink that is most used in a home. Some basic decisions in design should be thought of when choosing new kitchen sinks:

-Number of bowls
-Possible inclusion of garbage disposal and hot water dispensers.
-Ability of the sink to accommodate the installed faucets.

Kitchens are the main gathering place among many houses. The trends and ideas in kitchen remodeling has evolved through the years, and kitchen owners now have lots of options to choose from. It is important to take every consideration to preserve the value of this part of the home.

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