Do It Yourself Kitchen Renovation

Do It Yourself Kitchen Renovation

Bryce Werllington

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Do It Yourself Kitchen Renovation

Renovating one's kitchen is a huge task. Since the kitchen is often considered as the most important part of a house, one should not leave anything to chance when planning to overhaul the kitchen. However, as much as some people may want to employ the services of professional kitchen designers, they may lack the budget needed for such project. So it is important that kitchen owners know several do-it-yourself processes so that they can achieve the dream kitchen that they want without blowing all their hard-earned money.

Here are the common tasks that a simple home owner can do to renovate the look of their beloved kitchens:

1. Application of laminate to countertops

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-Use paint tray and a paint-roller covered with mohair when applying adhesive to the countertop. Cover the floor with some old newspapers and position the cut plastic laminate above it. Using the roller, apply the contact cement, and make sure to apply a thicker coat of cement on the edges. Allow surfaces to dry.

-Utilize wood dowels to keep the laminated from attaching itself to the cemented counter surface. Position dowels at intervals of about one foot. Then arrange the laminate on the dowel, with the adhesive side below. Position the diagonal cut tip into the corner.

-After making sure the laminate is in the right position, remove the wood strip located nearest the corner of the laminate while pressing it into its place. To make sure that air bubbles are eliminated, a sweeping motion in application should be done. Remove the strips of wood. Using the roller, roll the surface of the laminate, and apply extra pressure to the edges.

-Make sure that the diagonal seam is applied tightly. Afterwards, roll the seam in a thorough motion.

-Apply masking tape around the laminated edges before cutting the countertop with a router.

2. Installation of ready-made kitchen cabinets
-To prepare the room for installation, turn off electrical and water supplies, afterwards, remove appliances, old countertops and cabinets.

-It is necessary to know the exact location of wall studs by using a stud finder. Make upright lines from floor to ceiling to mark the location of each stud.

-Note the height measurement of the base wall cabinets. Make a horizontal line on the walls to note the tallness of the base cabinets. Draw a horizontal line to note the location of the bottom upper cabinets.

-Install temporary support boards to support the weight of the cabinets upon its installation process.

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-After making sure that the cabinet's top is leveled at all angles, initiate the installation of the corner cabinet prior to anything else. Install it to the wall, using screws to for the shims and studs. Install and fasten the adjoining and base cabinets, following the level of the corner cabinet so it will be correctly aligned.

-Create cutouts for electrical wiring and plumbing lines required. Then install the hinges, along with the doors. Remove any shims that are visible using a utility knife.

3. Redoing the walls
-Materials such as plaster, spackle and wall board compound can be used to repair holes and gauges located in walls. To make the compound stay in one position, insert newspapers, or one can use a wire mesh as an alternative. Total replacement of the surface with a dry wall may be necessary if gaping holes are present.

-Apply a coat of primer or sealer prior to the application of the color coat if large filler patches or drywall are being used for the preparation of the wall when installing cabinets.

To make the installation of new cabinets easier, put a mark on the wall studs located on the ceiling and floor.

4. Floor replacements
This must be done before installing permanent appliances and cabinets. Floors that are destroyed by water must be fixed before putting on a new floor. Replacement of the damaged areas of sub-flooring should be necessary.

It does not take much to renovate the look of an existing kitchen. Just remember that the benefits of having a new, stylish functional kitchen will immediately make up for the time, money and trouble spent to perfect it.

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