Maytag Appliances

A Brief History About Maytag Appliances

Maytag appliances are all about kitchen and laundry appliances. Maytag was a home and commercial appliance company from 1893 to 2006 and is now under the wing of Whirlpool Corporation. Maytag appliances include an extensive variety of cooking, refrigeration, dishwashers and laundry cleaning appliances. The Maytag appliances laundry category includes one of the best washing appliance developed with top quality and high performance. Here is a brief history of how Maytag appliances' businesss came about.

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Parsons Band Cutter and Self Feeder Company was the humble beginnings of the Maytag appliances company and they produced farm equipment. This business came about in 1893 when Frederick Maytag along with his sisters' husbands went into business with farm implement designer George Parsons after settling in Iowa.

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Around the 1904s they built the company into the largest thresher and feeder machine manufacturer in the world by introducing safety features into their designs as farm accidents were growing in number. Maytag appliances' tractor design proved popular and an electric powered version was introduced in 1911 followed by a production in 1915 of a small generator to power washers in rural areas. During the year 1920 Maytag appliances was the largest company int its industry with its own name producing household appliances and making the only aluminum washer tub that was better than the wooden version.

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Introduction and development of new products such as automatic dryers, coin slide laundry machines for commercial use, dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators continued with Maytag appliances and the company was known and well established as a household name. A series of television commercials in 1954 with the well known Maytag Repairman character appearing for the first time in 1967 played by Jesse White and continued by different actors through the decades that followed as the main advertising character for Maytag.

The early eighties saw the Maytag appliances company continuously growing, selling, acquiring, and merging other companies along the way. In March 2006, Whirlpool corporation acquired Maytag appliances. This did not however spell the end for Maytag's appliances production as the acquisition are still represented separately with their own separate appliances under their original names and the Maytag appliances owners are basically the same. Maytag appliances still continue to make top of the line front and top loading washing machines and dryers. If you are looking for high quality appliances especially the laundry machines,then you are never mistaken on getting a Maytag appliance for your household's laundry needs.

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