Red Kitchen Appliances

Designing Your Kitchen With Red Kitchen Appliances

Designing a red-themed kitchen can easily be accomplished using red kitchen appliances. According to psychologists, colors can affect behavior as well as emotion, and the color red can reduce stress and induce feelings of comfort and well-being and therefore it is a great color for a kitchen. In addition, using different shades of red can produce various effects that you can choose from: bright red denotes cheerfulness while a darker shade indicates a warm and welcoming look. The red kitchen appliances will serve as the focal point of your red-themed kitchen as they will highlight the theme. Here are some decoration ideas that you can use when using red kitchen appliances for your red-themed kitchen.

Kitchenaid Appliances

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The first thing that you have to do when designing a red-themed kitchen is buy all the red kitchen appliances that you have. This is important as the red kitchen appliances will serve as the centerpieces of your kitchen, meaning they will make the red theme stand out above anything else. The whole kitchen design is actually dependent on these appliances and therefore you can only commence on planning once you already have all the pieces at hand.

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Large red kitchen appliances like refrigerators and stove are quite rare and therefore they are hard to purchase. However it is not impossible to find them and if you managed to get your hands on them, you have to consider their size. A red stove and a red refrigerator will surely take up a lot of space on your kitchen so if you have them, it is best that you do not paint the kitchen walls red as it will be redundant.

Small Kitchen Appliances

There is an extensive range of small kitchen appliances that can meet all your needs. These small kitchen appliances includes everything from mixer, coffee maker, hand blender, ice cream maker, pancake.....

As for small red kitchen appliances such as microwave oven, toaster, and coffee maker, it is best to buy those that are of the same hue of red. This can easily be done by purchasing the same brand. A consistent shade of red is important as these small red kitchen appliances will accentuate the theme of your kitchen, so they have to be color-coordinated.

As for the structure of the kitchen, if you want red flooring, then its best that you do not paint the walls red as well as it will be overkill. You may also go for a checkered tile pattern that alternates with the color black or white. However, if you'd rather have a red wall, it is still recommended to not overdo it by painting all of the walls red. A single wall should suffice. Add some finishing touches by putting red accents like towels, runners, plates, or tablecloths.

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