Viking Appliances

All About Viking Appliances

Viking appliances is a manufacturer of a variety of kitchen appliances for cooking, ventilation, refrigeration, wine cellars, kitchen cleanup, kitchen cleanup and many more. Viking appliances was the first company that brought professional grade range for home use in 1987 and still continues to do that in their other products as well until now. In addition to that, Viking appliances have categorized their kitchen appliances into a variety of product series that correspond to a particular theme. Here are some of them.

Commercial Kitchen Appliances

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The first product series of Viking appliances is the Viking Professional. The Professional series offers the widest selection of kitchen appliances that you will ever need, or as they put it, "a chef's dream kitchen". It offers powerful features like 18,500 BTUs of surface cooking power, precision burner controls with the SureSpark ignition, and the largest oven capacity available.

Industrial Kitchen Appliances

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The second product series of Viking appliances is the Viking Designer. This product series is ideal for people who want a combination of performance and aesthetics. The Designer series offers elegantly designed products that suit stylish house interiors. While they may be beautiful to look at, their performance is not compromised as it offers the same Viking appliances quality and features.

Viking appliances is not only confined to the four corners of the house as it also offers outdoor kitchen appliances with the Viking Outdoor. This product line offers a variety of barbecue grills, outdoor cookers, charcoal smokers, warming drawers, refrigerated drawers, ice machines, and other outdoor cooking appliances that you will ever need.

Meanwhile, the Viking Commercial line of Viking appliances features excellent top-of-the-line commercial cooking equipment. While Viking appliances is primarily dedicated to bring professional cooking performance inside the home, it also aims to innovate the performance of professional cooking equipment as well. This product line includes islands suites, ovens, broilers, ranges, and also griddles, cheesemelters, planchas, and induction units.

Professional Kitchen Appliances

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Finally, the Viking Culinary completes the product line of Viking appliances. This product line includes countertop appliances, cookware, as well as cutlery. You may choose from the wide range of mixers, blenders, juicers, pasta makers, induction cookers, cooking pots, pans, casseroles, and knives that the Viking Culinary offers.

Furthermore, Viking appliances also offer a cooking school for individuals who are interested in learning how to cook professionally. The school caters to various types of people like kids, moms and dads, business professionals, and others. Both novice and experienced cooks can learn from the cooking school that is offered by Viking appliances.

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