Remodeling Tips Should You Do The Remodeling Yourself

Remodeling Tips Should You Do The Remodeling Yourself

Judi Singleton

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When we decide to remodel often we have tastes that outway our budgets. We have a vision of just what we want, then we get the bids from the contractors, they are far beyond what we can afford. So we suddenly see ourselves as do it yourself contractors. We can save the labor costs and do it ourselves we think.

But should you do the work yourself' Well we have to look at a number of things. Do you have the skills or can you aquire the skills, do you have the tools and safety gear' Can you rent the tools and safety gear and still save money' What about your time can you take the time it is going to take to complete the job' What is your time worth in dollars and cents' Do you really want to do the labor' We have to look at these questions and decide an honest answer to each one before taking on the tasks at hand.

Unless you are a highly skilled do-it-yourselfer, avoid taking on jobs that may be dangerous, particularly difficult, or where a mistake can be quite costly. Some jobs simply are not worth the risk. For example, think twice before doing:

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Unless you are a highly skilled do it yourselfer then you should avoid jobs that could be dangerous or that take a lot of skills because mistakes can be more costly than hiring someone else to do the job righ in the first place.

I recently did part of the work in remodeling my bathroom myself. Then hired a contractor to finish it. I tore out a wall. Then removed the old bathtub. I tore up the old flooring and tile. I hired a plumber who
installed the new tub, toliet, and sink and the green board around the tub, plus the tub surround and faucets. I hired a handy person to put down the subflooring. Then I hired a professional installer to install the tile. I preped all the walls and put on two coats of undercoat on the walls. Then hired a painter to finish the job. The original bid I got for all the work with materials was over $5000. by buying all the materials myself and doing part of the work I did the whole job for about $1,500 dollars. That figure included permits. That was a big savings and by the time I figured out what my time was worth I saved even more. I also ended up with a very professional job.

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